Eye Exam Procedure

A general eye examination takes about 45 minutes. Our optometrist will check your eyes for any defects, diseases and will test for a general prescription. It is important that you discuss any problems you have with your eyesight, as there may be an environmental factor that is causing the problems. Our optometrist will discuss the options available to correct your visual defect if required, so that your lifestyle is unchanged.

Note: Some employers look after their staff by subsidising eye examinations and spectacles. Check with your employer. It is in the best interests of the employer to subsidise his/her staff if they work in front of a computer for most of the day. Good eyesight can improve work output, and concentration levels. Contact us today if you have any questions.

We recommend an eye examination every two years, or earlier if your optometrists tells you otherwise.


The retinal photography is optional, but we recommend it to all our clients as it can detect optic nerve diseases that may not be apparent using traditional eye testing methods. Click here to find out more...


$110 for a full adult eye exam.

$122 for a full eye exam if you wear contact lenses

10% student discount