Costs of Spectacles

The price of glasses frames can range from $150 to $700. The differences in price are due to the quality of the frame, the material it is made of and the brand. We would suggest choosing a frame that you like before looking at the price. Remember your glasses are the first thing people notice and you must be comfortable and confident wearing them. You should also consider the life of the frame and spreading the cost out over its lifetime. In most cases if you choose a frame you like and look good in, the price of the frame is soon forgotten.

Once a glasses frame has been selected our optometrist will discuss the types of lenses that will be suitable for you


Once again the cost of the lenses can vary depending on your requirements. If you have an unusual prescription your lenses may have to be specially made and can cost more. There are also different types of lenses that you can choose from that are thinner than your standard lenses reducing the famous 'coke bottle' look. These lenses are refered to as 'high index' and 'aspheric'. Although they cost more, they may be a wise investment if you are concerned about the appearance of your lenses. A pair of standard hardcoated lenses starts at around $122.

Beware of cheaper lenses. Sometimes promotional deals offer you a pair of glasses and lenses for a price that seems too good to be true. More often than not you get what you pay for. Although not noticable to the naked eye, the lenses and the coatings are of low quality resulting in poorer optical vision and shorter lifespan. It is worth paying a little more for quality, remember it is your eyes and eyesight. The choice is up to you.

We recommend getting anit-reflective coating on your lenses, as this reduces glare and reflections from artificial lights and computer screens, giving you a clearer and more comfortable view. These types of reflections can show up on photos, which can spoil the perfect picture. The cost the of the anti-reflective coating starts at $56 depending on the type of lenses required.

Our optometrists will help you to select the best options for you and your budget.