Photochromatic Transition Lenses

Photochromatic lenses are ideal for people who regularly find themselves switching between indoor and outdoor environments. The convenience of not having to switch between spectacles and prescription sunglasses is a huge advantage.

Technology is improving all the time with photochromatic lenses. Photochromic lenses darken automatically when exposed to sunlight, then fade back when you return indoors. In most cases, photochromic lenses are clear (or nearly clear) indoors and darken to a medium sun tint outdoors blocking 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The UV light triggers the photochromic molecules in the lens and begin to change it's structure.

Car windscreens have a UV coating which blocks 99% of the UV light so the lenses do not darken noticably when driving.

Come and discuss with our optometrist about whether transition lenses are ideal for you.