Cost of Sunglasses

Most sunglasses block out approved levels of ultraviolet(UV) radiation. The price of sunglasses starts from about $30 with the main difference being the brand and quality of the sunglasses. Cheaper sunglass lenses are made using cheaper materials and production processes, often leading to distortion in the lenses and a shorter life span. Although not noticeable to the untrained eye, they are not suitable for a sports person who requires good peripheral vision and precision, for sports such as golf and shooting. Good quality lenses are made from better materials and ground so that there is little or no distortion. The quality of the tint is also a contributing factor to the cost.

From past experiences we have found that once customers have worn the best sunglasses they will never settle for anything less, even if price is an issue at the time. If you take care of your sunglasses they can last forever and if you spread that cost over its lifetime it is worth paying a little more. More often than not if you purchase a cheap pair of sunglasses you will treat them like a cheap pair of sunglasses. Come and try out the latest styles and fashion sunglasses today you won't be disappointed.