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Why Get Your Eyes Tested?   Drivers Licence Screening
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Visual Fields Test

Why get your eyes tested?

Eyesight is one of the most valuable senses you have. Your eyes provide you with 80% of the information you take in. How valuable is your eyesight to you?

It is important for you to look after your eyes. Good vision in the work place or learning environment is essential as it can improve overall performance, safety, concentration levels, alertness and work output. Bad vision can cause your eye muscles to work overtime leading to tired eyes, headaches and dry eyes. Constant exposure to air conditioning in the work place can also cause dry eyes.


Having an eye exam can give you peace of mind knowing that your eyes are operating efficiently. Most people don't realise that their vision is deteriorating, until an examination has been done.

We recommend an eye exam every two years, or earlier if your optometrists tells you otherwise. Call now for an appointment for an eye exam. Ph:472-6662

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A general eye examination takes about 45 minutes. Our optometrist will check your eyes for any defects, diseases and will test for a general prescription. It is important that you discuss any problems you have with your eyesight, as there may be an environmental factor that is causing the problems. Our optometrist will discuss the options available to correct your visual defect if required, so that your lifestyle is unchanged.

Note: Some employers look after their staff by subsidising eye examinations and spectacles. Check with your employer. It is in the best interests of the employer to subsidise his/her staff if they work in front of a computer for most of the day. Good eyesight can improve work output, and concentration levels. Contact us today if you have any questions.

We recommend an eye examination every two years, or earlier if your optometrists tells you otherwise. 


The retinal photography is optional, but we recommend it to all our clients as it can detect optic nerve diseases that may not be apparent using traditional eye testing methods.

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Drivers Licence Screening

The Land Transport Safety Authority will require you to have your eyes checked every time you renew your licence on your 25th, 35th , 45th, 55th, 65th or 75th birthday. You are required to do a LTSA eye test unless you produce a eyesight certificate from an optometrist that is less than 60 days old.

Can I get an eyesight certificate before I get my licence?

Yes, at Focal Point we do pre drivers licence visual screening for $30 which includes the eyesight certificate, unless you have had an eye exam in the last 60 days in which it is free. This means you do not have to sit the LTSA eye test. If you fail the pre drivers licence screening you will need a full eye exam and eyewear if necessary, to qualify for your drivers licence.

I have failed the LTSA eye test?

The LTSA eye test screeners generally have a high fail rate, even if you have good vision. AA staff aren't qualified to make a professional decision on your vision, so they will send you to get an eyesight certificate from an optometrist. We can do a visual screening test for $40. This includes the eyesight certificate plus an additional general health check. If you fail the Focal Point visual screening you will need a full eye exam and eyewear if necessary, to qualify for your drivers licence

You may find it is more convenient getting a eyesight certificate prior to applying for your drivers licence, as appointments to see an optometrist after failing may not always be available. The AA is located directly opposite us for added convenience. 

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Digital Retinal Photography

Focal Point offers the latest cutting edge technology in digital retinal imaging. The retinal camera takes a detailed image of the interior surface of your eye.

Why get a photo of your eyes?

The high resolution image, allows us to monitor your eyes over a period or time, highlighting any issues or problems, that may not be apparent using traditional eye testing methods.

We recommend it to all our patients, especially if there is a family history of eye disease.

What can the photos detect?

The retinal photos can assist in early detection of optic nerve diseases like glaucoma and retinal conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal holes or detachments and lesions. It can also help detect the effects of systematic diseases, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Call now for an appointment. Ph:472-6662
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Visual Fields Test

The visual fields machine measures central and peripheral fields. It is a straightforward test, plotting the visual fields, recording disorders of the optic nerve and brain such as glaucoma, strokes and brain tumours.  

Essentially your head is kept still while viewing a random series of flashing lights.  This device systematically plots the field of vision using threshold testing, which measures the retinal sensitivity in any given location.  Ask about a Fields test if your family has a history of glaucoma or even if you are suffering from unexplained headaches.


Visual Fields Test

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